PAPCAD: Our solution for a fast, robust and accurate PAP-smear Computer Automated Diagnosis

Early diagnosis of cervical cancer plays an important role in reducing cancer rate and related mortality. Pap smear screening test introduced by Dr. Georges Papanicolaou in 1940s is by far the most effective way of detecting this cancer. It tries to detect pre-cancerous changes in cervical cells based on color and shape properties of cell nuclei and cytoplasm regions.

Manual analysis of these cells by expert cytologists is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job prone to inter-observer variations. This has given rise the need to develop automatic screening systems which can analyze slide images acquired by either a digital camera mounted on microscopes or a whole slide scanner.

Over 3 years, our team developed a super-fast, robust and accurate software to truly address the requirements in digital pathology. A demo of this software is shown below.

Our current version is almost 4 times faster, analyzing the whole slide image in only 5 minutes on a conventional laptop! For more information contact me via Linkedin or Email.

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